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Audrey Hepburn Suite Cover 1.jpg
The Audrey Hepburn Suite is a multi-movement composition I began writing in October 2021 in memory of, and dedicated to, the legendary Hollywood star, Audrey Hepburn. Audrey continues to inspire countless people around the world through her acting, her iconic look, her original fashion style, and her acts of love through her service as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in her later years. She is an anomaly, someone Hollywood and the world cherished and truly misses.

Audrey emanated compassion and joy through her art in a way I haven’t experienced before. I have felt a strong spiritual connection to her and it only grew personal when I read her life story, listened to her interviews, watched documentaries, studied her movies, and read family memoirs. She suffered unbelievably and endured so much, and gave back to the world in humility…
I grew to love her even more.

I decided that writing music about Audrey, her life, her passions and her beauty would be my personal offering. If she were still around in this life, I would find a way to present my piece to her. Why big band jazz? Audrey loved dancing and listening to jazz, and the big band style is the soundtrack to many of her most famous movies– including her personal favorites:
Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Funny Face and Charade are no exception. Plus, a big band tribute to her
is well overdue! I think she would’ve enjoyed this project very much. Below is a short teaser of one of the tracks: "Audrey The Dancer."

The complete Audrey Hepburn Suite has not been recorded yet. If you would like to donate to help with production and studio rental costs, please send me an email on my contact page!

- Marlon Martinez
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